First look at Look At My Hair Free Player 1.06

The wait is almost over for the new and improved version of Look At My Hair Free Player. Version 1.06 was submitted to the DAZ store last week, so we expect it to be available soon.

The 1.06 release represents a huge step forward, introducing the multifigure feature which allows to create complex scenes with multiple furred characters.
We also improved overall performances, stability and added the initial support for animation capabilities.
Also, as the previous version you are able to load and save LAMH’d duf scenes.

Full Plugin users don’t be afraid: as soon as the Full version is finished being tested, you will get all of the features of the player, PLUS many new features not in the player.

A new promo image has been created, as well as a brief video showing how easy it is to create multi-figure LAMH scenes.

Look At My Hair FREE Player 1.06


  1. Should one be able to have both the player and full plugin installed at the same time? I originally got the player, then later the full plugin, but when I installed the full plugin it didn’t show up in DS until I uninstalled the Player. Is that how it’s supposed to be?

    • admin

      Hi David, at this time the full version and the player cannot ‘coexist’, meaning that you need to switch the lamhplugin.dll (or .dylib) file to work with one or the other.
      But, we are beta-testing the 1.06 update for the full version and that one will include all the features available on the player and more that are unique to the full version.

  2. I have LAMH but I thought I’d get my feet wet with the LAMH Player. Downloaded v.1.06, watched the video and read the manual. Gave it a go with Genesis hair and Millenium Cat. It imported well enough but the hair/fur didn’t appear in Reality/LuxRender (which is how I do almost all of my renders) =(( I’d be grateful for any help or advice, please :((

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