Look At My Hair Open Beta

A reminder to all new LAMH customers, and the ones who didn’t know yet, that we recently started an open beta for customers, which allows to download and use the latest LAMH 1.07 beta, which comes with a large set of new features, fixes and improvements over the 1.0 store version. 1.07 incorporates the free player features too.

If you’d like to join please come to: http://bugzilla.look-at-my-hair.com/

We also have started a forum where you can discuss the current beta and post your renders, ideas, issues etc.


  1. I have installed LAHM 1.0, but the only option I have is to load a preset. I need to make my own hair map. But there is no way to load LAHM. I has been a long time since I purchased this product and it doesn’t work without crashing. You pdf directions do not explain how to start LAHM. So the rest of the page don’t help.

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