Making of the Mammoth: part 1

This is the first part of the “Making of the Mammoth” video tutorial.

As you’ll see from the movie, using deformers is such a cool way to develop and model a basic fur model very quickly. And combing, scaling and cutting hairs is just straightforward…
The movie has been encoded at 3X the normal speed, so the part where I use the shave groups material editor happens too fast: don’t worry, I’m going to show how that works in Part 2.
So I hope you’ll enjoy this movie and stay tuned because part 2 is due very soon!

PS: please head up here and watch the video HD:


  1. can you output the hair as .obj?

    • admin

      Hi Edward, yes indeed, you can export the fur to OBJ. LAMH will even produce the texture that goes with such OBJ, so you have all what you need to use it in external applications.

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