New feature: the Scene Explorer

I worked very hard during last two weeks and so now it’s time to start showing some of the new features.

The first one is the Scene Explorer, which allows to easily add a figure or a prop available in the Studio scene directly to the Look at my Hair framework.
With figures, it’s even possible to choose specific nodes to load.
As usual, here is a brief movie to demonstrate the new feature:


  1. Can hair created in DAZ Studio 4.5 be exported as .OBJ and imported into Poser Pro 2012?

    Can hair be created on the Genesis figures in Poser Pro 2012 via DAZ’s DSON Importer?

    • admin

      Yes you can indeed export hair as .OBJ and import them into Poser Pro 2012. Look at my Hair even creates the hair texture, so you have all the necessary to run a successful render in Poser too. I never tried the DSON Importer but that should work as well…

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