If you have issues downloading the presets, please try to click the right mouse button on a link and choose ‘Save link as…’

DAZ Squirrel

name date author image
Squirrel fur preset 2 May 2013 Alia SquirrelForYou

DAZ Meerkat

name date author image
Meerkat preset 17 Mar 2013 MSymon meerkat

DinoRaul Velociraptor

name date author image
DinoRaul’s Velociraptor fur 15 Mar 2013 Luca Massini DR_raptor

DAZ Millennium Dragon 2

name date author image
Raw-Art’s Icedragons fur 8 Mar 2013 Kees Grashoff Icedragon with fur02_close-up

DAZ Victoria 4

name date author image
Raven Hair 16 Jan 2013 Alia RavenHairA_md_thumb

DAZ Genesis

name date author image
Genesis Primate Fur 18 June 2013 Scott Livingston genesisfur3blog
Short Side Hair by TheSpisis 24 March 2013 TheSpisis ShortSidePart6464
Asobi Tails Hitomi by Alia 20 March 2013 Alia AsobiTails4Hitomi
Asobi Tails by Alia 20 March 2013 Alia AsobiTailsAsobi
Pepper Hair V5 by Alia 8 March 2013 Alia aliaPepperHairV5
Afro short hair by Steve 2 March 2013 Steve steve_adro
Giant Hair by Rawart 1 March 2013 RawArt  gianthair
JulieRuby Hair 22 Feb 2013 Alia index
Kuru Hair 21 Feb 2013 Alia alia-kuru
Flat Top Hair by RawArt 15 Feb 2013 RawArt flattop
V5 Charlie Hair 16 Jan 2013 Alia CharlieHair_thumb
Anime Hitomi/Satsuki Hair 16 Jan 2013 Alia LongHair1_thumb
Genesis Extra Long Hair 5 Jan 2012 Shadaliza megatopa
Tina Turnover hair 26 Dec 2012 Alexa Tina-test-render
Brians’ hair 25 Dec 2012 Brian index
Genesis – afro female long hair 18 Dec 2012 Alessandro 305439_456212861092893_1600041_n
Genesis – female crazy hair 18 Dec 2012 Alessandro crispy hair
Genesis – female parted hair 18 Dec 2012 Alessandro parted hair
Genesis – female silk hair with fringe 18 Dec 2012 Sasha
Genesis – Clint short smooth hair 18 Dec 2012 trinity71
Genesis – Clint short frizz hair 18 Dec 2012 trinity71
Genesis male – Brian beard 18 Dec 2012 Alessandro promo8
Genesis female – Nikita long blonde hair 18 Dec 2012 Alessandro nikita
Genesis – Marcellus male hair by Janine 18 Dec 2012 Janine marcellus
Genesis – simple punk style 18 Dec 2012 Alessandro punk1
Genesis – punk style with extra razor short side hair 18 Dec 2012 Alessandro punk2

Lynes Fox

ame date author image
fur by Pajama 23 Feb 2013 Pajama Pajama_Fox2

Lynes African Wild Dog

ame date author image
fur by Pajama 11 Jan 2013 Pajama Pajama_AHD_icon

DAZ Gorilla

name date author image
Gorilla Fur by VivinC 19 Dec 2012 VivinC gorilla preset

Wolf by AM

name date author image
Wolf by AM Fur 6 Jan 2013 Alessandro grey wolf

DAZ Horse 2

name date author image
DAZ Horse 2 – parted mane 17 Dec 2012 Alessandro
DAZ Horse 2 – right mane 17 Dec 2012 Alessandro
DAZ Horse 2 – war horse 17 Dec 2012 Alessandro
DAZ Horse 2 – wild hair 15 Dec 2012 Alessandro rampant fury

DAZ Millennium Big Cat

name date author image
Lion with mane and tuft 2 Mar 2013 Richard lion2
medium fur 18 Dec 2012 Alessandro
short fur 17 Dec 2012 Alessandro
tiger fur 17 Dec 2012 Alessandro tiger2 wet

DAZ Millennium Cat

name date author image
long fur 18 Dec 2012 MoniqueW
short fur 17 Dec 2012 MoniqueW cat

DAZ Millennium Dog

name date author image
short fur 18 Dec 2012 Alessandro
wolf 17 Dec 2012 Alessandro wolf howling

DAZ Millennium Pup

name date author image
short fur 18 Dec 2012 Alessandro malamute_puppy_fur

DAZ Mammoth

name date author image
short mane 18 Dec 2012 Alessandro
longer mane 17 Dec 2012 Alessandro mammuth new render
smooth fur 17 Dec 2012 Alessandro

NightWorld – Lycanthropos

name date author image
Lycanthropos by Juan Aguero 18 Dec 2012 Juan Aguero NW_Lycan

Ursus Arctos AM

name date author image
Ursus Arctos 18 Dec 2012 Alessandro Grizzly

DAZ Millennium Big Cat LE

name date author image
Lioness short fur 18 Dec 2012 Alessandro lioness running LE1 Lantios 2

MS Lycan

name date author image
short fur 18 Dec 2012 Alessandro
longer fur 17 Dec 2012 Alessandro ms lycan

Lynes Domestic Rabbits

name date author image
fur by Pajama 18 Dec 2012 Pajama index


  1. Don’t normally use 4.5 but this program looks fabulous..Especially for animals…

  2. Thank for all the presets. Should help to understand all the settings you used! Can the presets be used without placing the model in DAZ first?

  3. Recently bought the application and are currently getting my head around it. however I have tried to reproduce the tiger using Millennium BIG cat, from Daz3d but it will not allow me to load any of the presets for the tiger..

    message I get: This preset doesn’t match the model it was designed for. or, if you have a triax figure, make sure its set at the base resolution…

    please help

    • admin

      Hello Brian, be sure to have the Big Millennium Cat SR1 (the latest version). You can reset the download of such item in your DAZ account and get the latest version.

    • Brain… I’ve gotten that message to a couple of times. One thing I check for when seeing that error is making sure the Item (in this cas the Big Cat) is also selected in Daz/Stuido.

  4. Its me again, sorry about this guys. obviously this is a plugin for Daz3d and you can get some really good effects whilst using the built-in rendering system, BUT if you’re using reality it seems a little limited.. im guessing this is because you have to export the item as an object… so the 3 stage materials for hair for example is lost…

    • admin

      Hello Brian, obviously the exported .obj is just plain geometry, so you will need to apply a shader in your external application/renderer. In Lux/Reality there are already some nice renders that users have done, and I believe the ACSEL library contains some that have enough specularity and translucence to give the hair the proper look.

  5. I’m a 3DS Max user, and I often output character animations from DAZ into 3DS as FBX format. Will the hair remain on the model when I send an FBX over to Max? Thanks.


    • admin

      Hi Joe, if you export the hair from Look at my Hair to Studio as .OBJ (i.e. plain geometry), at that point you may export from Studio to every supported export format (and so FBX too).

  6. hi, im new to look at my hair. I was just wandering about how do you use the preset here for look at my hair. I just purchased look at my air recently, but i dont know much about how it works.

  7. Hi,

    Can you use LAMH with animated scenes? Offhand, didn’t see a way to do that…..

  8. Love the plugin! looking forward to next round of features. Also, I was wondering, is there currently a way to make the brush/styling tool radius bigger?

    • admin

      Hi Bryan, we are glad you are enjoying it. Yes you can make the brush radius larger or smaller triggering the On Screen Display (see manual page 15).

  9. Well this is what i get for not reading the manual lol. Thanks for grabbing me by the KaNoggin and pointing me to it anyway!

  10. Hallo Mr. Mastronardi,

    a few minutes ago i ordered your product Look at my hair at DAZStudio.
    I got the serialnumber but couldn`t actvate the plugin, because everytime i tried to, i don`t know the installation code and the activation code.

    So please can you help me ?

    Do you need the Ordernumber from DAZ and the Serial ?

    Best regards
    Edmund Weber

  11. Please can you tell me when I download a preset ..what is the path for me to put the presets into …

    • admin

      Hi Joy, you can actually download and store presets wherever you like. From the LAMH pane you can attach one of those simply browsing to the preset location.

      • Thank you I noticed I can do that last night ..Im pretty knew to this never done any hair\fur before so I don’t know what I am doing ..I tried to add the preset and loaded it to the mil cat as obj but it looks strange ..what am I doing wrong..

  12. The shorter hair has all bits sticking out the sides

    • I need a tut just for the cat or dog explaining exactly how I add the hair to the dog or cat and the best settings …I’m a bit dumb any help would be really appreciated …

  13. By the lack of presets, it must be VERY hard making decent hair.
    Ill wait and see before buying…

    • admin

      Lack of presets??? Are you sure?

      • Only 1 for v4, and the ones for genesis looks horrible.
        Again, i suspect it’s because its hard to make.

        The animals looks fantastic tho.

      • By the looks of it, Garibaldi Express Hair System seems to be easier to work with.
        And the human hair also looks a lot better.
        But then again, it’s hard to tell witch one to chose without a trial version to test on.

  14. No link is working on this side?

  15. Just wondering when the update will be released?

  16. can we put hair on anything..with out preset there a tutorial …thank you for the freebies…

  17. Bonjour,
    Serait-il possible, de préciser quel produit – et sa version – est requis pour les presets proposés, merci.

    Is it possible to specify which product – and version – is required for presets available, thank you.

    Example : Squirrel fur preset – is for DAZ Squirrel – for the regular version, not the subD version

    • admin

      Hi, about the squirrel preset, yes it is for DAZ Squirrel (it’s mentioned just on the table header). If not mentioned otherwise, presets are always for the base version.

  18. Merci :o))

    Exact, avec DAZ Squirrel normal, ça fonctionne
    mais avec tous les presets téléchargés, je n’arrive ni à sauvegarder la scène, ni exporter en OBJ, ni faire un rendu

    je travaille avec DS Pro, windows XP SP3 – RAM 2.50 Go

    Thank you,

    Exact with regular version, it works
    but with all the presets downloaded, I can neither save the scene, or export to OBJ, or to render

    I work with DS Pro, windows XP SP3 – RAM 2.50 Go

  19. Bonjour,

    How and where to find the base models, for example, Tina Turnover Hair
    Giant Hair
    Brian’s Hair
    Genesis Extra Long Hair
    Genesis – punk style with extra razor short side hair
    thank you

  20. Hello,

    Where can I find these products :
    Giant Hair
    Brian’s Hair
    Genesis Extra Long Hair
    Genesis – simple punk style
    Genesis – punk style with extra razor short side hair

    with presets, can you tell where to find the hair..
    thank you :o))

  21. Hi, something is not working… I got the latest player, but every time I load a preset and try to render it, the answer is “ERROR RENDERING” :(

  22. admin

    Hi, does it happen with every preset you try? Please check that hair quantity is > 0…

  23. Preset downloads seem to not be working today. I’m after the squirrel preset to try it out. I’d downloaded before but accidentally deleted a folder thinking I’d already moved the files. Could this be due the duplication?

    • admin

      Hi Blaine, if you have issues downloading presets, please try to click the right mouse button on a link and choose ‘Save link as…’

  24. Hello,

    I downloaded Look at my Hair FREE Player

    but with almost all the presets I downloaded, I cannot save the scene (crash), or export to OBJ, or make a render (ERROR RENDERING)

    Why does my post explaining my difficulties, is systematically deleted !!!

  25. generous. All those free hair ..I will buy the programme eventually. When it is a bit lower. Maybe it will get to 30..they really are good at daz these days

  26. Hi.
    I understand the fact that the player is FREE ( i’m trying to test the plug in before buying something that my pc doesn’t handle), but….what’s the point if nothing works? I loaded a Genesis figure, tried the long hair LHMH preset ( the one above) to see the wonderful options and….well, NO OPTIONS at all. No movements, no way to modify in any way, shape, colour, shader, quantity etc etc like is advertised for the free version.
    I’m a DAZ 4.6 64 bit user. I can render it ( in octane as well) but no way to do not even the smaller change to the hair style. Nothing. I tried to create one hairstyle and nothing again. I tried to apply the LHMH to an existing haistyle for Genesis, nothing happened. Where are the amazing options promoted for the free player?

    • admin

      Did you read the manual (the link is on the home page)? The player indeed allows to change hair width, color and shader, but obviously has no styling capabilities, which are available on the full version only.

  27. Aidana WillowRaven

    I’d love a LAMH preset for Rendo’s ‘Shaitan, The CaveBeast’.

  28. Bonjour,

    le plugin Look at my Hair FREE Player fonctionne-t-il avec DAZ 4.8 ?
    si oui, je ne l’ai pas trouvé dans menu > Windows > Panes (Tabs)
    merci d’avance


    the plugin Look at my Hair FREE Player does it work with DAZ 4.8 ?
    if so, I have not found in menu > Windows> Panes (Tabs)
    thank you in advance

  29. Bonjour,

    des presets sont-ils prévus pour Genesis2 et Genesis3 ?



    Are presets provided for Genesis2 and Genesis3 ?

    Best regards

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