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Spherize and Taper effects

I don’t recall ever demonstrating these two effects: they are very important to quickly shape guide hairs. The spherize effect nicely round all the hairs down, a bit like gravity. The taper effect will evenly taper hairs down along the vertical axes. Well,  I’m sure the video will clearly show those effects better than my words… Read More »

Quick setup for follicle areas

Besides using the follicle brush to add or remove follicles, or the marquee tool on larger areas, another cool feature is the possibility to add or remove the follicles belonging to a specific surface. So for example you’ll be able to discard hidden or unwanted parts like eyes, nails, mouth and else. Read More »

Windows porting: OK

One of my biggest concerns was the amount of time needed to port Look at my Hair to Windows (I work on Mac). While Qt libraries should (and do) guarantee portability, I was worried about the openGL code and multi-thread support routines. Instead, I was able to complete the port in one afternoon only: good news, this will speed times ... Read More »

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