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Pajama preset for Lyne’s African Hunting Dog!

Pajama was so kind to make and share this awesome preset for the beautiful Lyne’s African Hunting Dog (Lyne’s site is: Here is the link to Pajama’s preset: Thanks you very much Pajama! What about furring Lyne’s fox now? :) Read More »

Deinonychus: another awesome render by Luca!

Here is a spectacular render done in Vue by Luca ( if you are curious check his gallery, lot of fantastic dino images there: Luca styled the Deinonychus furs in Look at my Hair and exported those as .OBJ (260 mb each). Render took 4 hours at 2560×1440, Global Illumination. Read More »

Howl to the moon…

I made a quick composition with latest Wolf by AM preset… hope you like it… Read More »

Wolf by AM preset available!

Since the Wolf by AM is on sale, and for all the folks who already bought and own Look at my Hair, here you can download the preset for it: As it goes for all the other presets, it can be styled further and you can add an infinite range of variations using the guide deformers (tilt, taper, spherize) ... Read More »

Genesis Extra Long Hair preset available!

Shadaliza was so kind to create an uber cool preset for Genesis, featuring some extra long hair.So I decided to try and render it again in Lux, exported 120,000 hair to .OBJ after setting root/tip width to 40/20, and let Lux run for about 2 hours. Here is the result. Read More »

A T-Rex furred? Of course!

Luca never stops to amaze me: take a look at this magnificent render, a furred TRex harassing a heard of Triceratops. Love also the landscape he was able to achieve. Luca styled the TRex fur in Look at my Hair, exported it to .OBJ and rendered the whole scene in Vue with Global Illumination in about 2 hours! Be sure ... Read More »

Created in Look at my Hair, rendered in Vue Infinite!

Two renders done by my friend Luca showing a Inostrancevia, an extinct carnivorous therapsid. After styling the fur in LAMH, Luca exported the hair .OBJ and texture to Vue and rendered with Global Illumination. Be sure to visit Luca’s gallery, with a lot of awesome dino work he has done! Here is the link: Read More »

Look at my Hair works great with Lux/Reality!

I’ve never been able to find the time to study Lux/Reality in depth, but today I made a very quick render in Lux/Reality and I’m very pleased with the result. Here are two images, the first is the render as it came out of Lux/Reality, in the second image I added a bit of glow and color toning. The style ... Read More »

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