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Spherize deformer in action

This movie demonstrates how the “spherize” deformer can easily drape hair on the figure and create a nice hair model to be styled further. Notice also how the deformer can be applied only on unmasked areas and how the spherize deformer works in both vertical directions. Read More »

Hair integrity during transformations

This short movie shows how hair integrity (i.e. position, density and orientation) is maintained during node transformations, even in delicate spots such as bulges and cavities. In this case, I have a Genesis leg covered with fur (and note that no styling at all was done on those hair, they are just as they come out of the ‘equalized guide ... Read More »

Genesis: wild hair !

I felt like giving Genesis some wild hair, so I started defining the follicle area (piece of cake, no more than 3 minutes of work), grew guide hair, applied some spherize effect in order to drape those a little bit on the head mesh, and shaped those with the usual tools (comb, scissors, scale). One of the neat options in ... Read More »

Some action: Gorilla making video

A brief video showing how the workflow involved in covering the Genesis Gorilla with fur. I suggest you watch it full screen and HD1080. Read More »

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