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More work on the Mammuth

I had to make new movies for the “Making the Mammuth” tutorial movies, and so I decided to do some renders. Here is a new render done in Studio 4.5 and a “ice age” composition. I think tomorrow I’ll be able to upload the movies, in my opinion are really worth a look. PS: the background used has been made ... Read More »

Fluffy caiman? Yes we can!

There you go with a couple of fluffy caimans… First one with fur colors transferred from underlying body texture, second one with a punk fur, violet blending to orange/yellow! Read More »

Mammoth: furred!

Finally also the Mammoth get some fur! I recorded the whole process and will also make a Youtube movie to show how easily did that in Look at my Hair. For now, just take a look at the renders and enjoy! Read More »

Arctic fox: furred!

I cheated on this because I used a red fox model (arctic foxes look a little bit different, more compact and less skinny, slightly different head shape. The process of creating fur was straightforward and, believe it or not, I didn’t need to comb hair at all. The whole fur has been accomplished using the taper, spherize and length deformers, ... Read More »

African woman hair

Continuing experiments with crispy hair: here is an African female test render, and two versions with some HDR filters applied. Click to see full size. Read More »

Afro look on the way…

In this example, I didn’t even have to comb hair: I used the spherize and the curl deformers to get a very basic shape, and scaled hairs on front a little bit. Yet not a real afro hair with extremely crispy hairs, but that will come in time… Read More »

Meerkat: larger render

Hi think this looks better, it’s a render with higher quality. I added the background manually in postwork. Click it to see full size. Read More »

Meerkat: furred!

Another figure nicely furred! A meerkat, little cute African animal.   Read More »

Panda: furred!

Lately I’m stressing Look at my Hair searching for bugs, flaws and testing how it works. This project was quite demanding as it contains about 350k hairs, but there were no issues to report. Attached the render and the interface screenshots showing fur setup.   Read More »

Badger: furred!

Finished playing with a European badger (Meles meles) I started some time ago (about 1 year IIRC). Posed it very quickly, furred the whole body, and here are the renders (added an HDR toning in Photoshop in the second image). Last image, the figure without fur: the poor animal looks very sad there, am I right? Read More »

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