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Fur coats

Some more test renders with a fur coat and Victoria4. No styling at all, just enabled all the coat follicles, grown the hair, rendered. In the leopard-scheme fur coat, I wasn’t very precise painting the texture (see the areas highlighted in red in the no-fur image, which show the issues that break the tile pattern), but you get the idea: colors ... Read More »

First grass experiments

Look at my Hair can be used to model and produce even grass and similar. Here is a quick test I did, two renders with a little bit of glow added in Photoshop. Considerations It could look better, because right now, as I wrote some time ago, curves are rendered so that they are always facing the camera. This is ... Read More »

Fur everything you like!

I just finished adding the possibility to import and “fur” any kind of object (and not only Poser/DAZ figures). This opens for an infinite range of possibilities: I just finished furring a simple sphere with 70k tiny hairs (simple render attached). Tomorrow I’ll fur some more objects and post the results. Read More »

China girl

Building up on the model from the previous “spherize deformer” session, I decided to render the image and here it comes. Read More »

Giraffe: furred!

Another test render on the Giraffe: really few hair on this (about 140000), considering the large follicle area. Rendered with mid-settings, about 12 minutes. Read More »

Fur and Hair RenderMan shaders

I was finally able to embed RenderMan shaders specifically designed for hair and fur. It’s a wonderful add on that allows to use such shaders directly in DAZ Studio, and the quality of the output is way much better than the usual ambient occlusion shaders that often are used with hair. I ran some quick renders (low quality settings, shading ... Read More »

Snow leopard: furred!

Another test ran on the Snow Leopard original figure I designed about two years ago. I used lowest render settings (easy to tell by the poor quality visible especially on hair tips). As usual you get the standard and furred render to compare the difference. Read More »

Koala quick composition

I made this in a rush: as usual, set the follicles, styled the guide hair, refined a bit the fur and rendered. The tree has been added in Photoshop, and it’s clearly visible that it doesn’t fit well. Anyway, the aim of this was to show how a short fur can indeed make a difference on models… Read More »

American buffalo

Another example of how Look at my Hair can incredibly add to the realism of a figure. In this example, I covered the front part of the body with fur, did some mild combing, and rendered almost 200.000 curves in less than 20 minutes, mid settings.   Read More »

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