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Human renders: male example

The fact that I’m posting almost exclusively animal renders is just a matter of preferences: of course Look at my Hair is excellent also at styling and rendering human models. Here is the first of a couple of quick renders done recently… Read More »

Grizzly fur preset available!

This render has been made out of the Grizzly preset for the Ursus Arctos model. “Only” 500000 hair, 6 minutes to render. Read More »

Crispy hair preset

While I’m concentrating presets mostly for animals, a friend is preparing some for Genesis (and human figures). She was so kind to send me a crispy hair preset, and I couldn’t resist trying a render with it… Read More »

Wolf… furred!

Here comes some render results for the DAZ Millennium Dog, with the wolf shape. Read More »

Mil Big Cat Tiger get its coat!

OK, I prepared the Big Mil Cat preset and as promised it will ship with the plugin. It will include a short fur preset and some custom ones, as the siberian tiger here, which has some longer fur around the neck. The renders here show a standard fur render, a “wet fur” look render (2nd image) where I used the ... Read More »

Lycan: furred!

Had finally some time to play with Look at my Hair, taking a break from programming sessions. Here are two renders, postworked with some glow effect and enhanced contrast, and the original figure. 750000 hair, 1 UberEnvironment light, medium render settings. Render time about 4 minutes. Read More »

A new test render out of the new 1.02beta

After so many weeks programming, today I took a break and made this pretty lady here. It’s only that I forgot to trigger shadows on, but that’s it. Used about 100K hair, the standard LAMH shader, mid-high render settings. Photoshopped the eyes (made those green) and added a mild glow around the head. Hope you like it. On a side ... Read More »


A mandrill, created out of the Genesis Gorilla. Exported the head and neck in ZBrush, morphed it, made a very basic texture and imported in LAMH. Created the hair, styled, rendered. Made some adjustments and a little bit of HDR toning in second image. Hair are way too thick (visible especially near the mouth), anyway is a good result. Read More »

Mammoth from .obj file

For a change I decided to export the Mammoth hair model into one single .obj file and render the model in KeyShot. The geometry consists of almost 1.875.232 quads, file size 335Mbytes (see image below); as explained in a previous post, LAMH also generates the texture, so you have all the necessary to render the hair model with an external ... Read More »

Grizzly cub: furred!

Look at my Hair beta 1.0 is ready and will be dispatched to beta testers next week. So I have some spare time to play with it and today I decided to do a test render on a Poser/DAZ figure I started some time ago: the Grizzly Cub. Here are two renders and two screenshots showing Look at my Hair ... Read More »

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