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First set of video tutorials ready!

The first set of 12 tutorials, for a total of 48 minutes, is finally available at the following link: I hope you’ll find it useful and my english understandable enough. As anticipated, this set covers the basic operations, so that you can get familiar with the interface and the workflow. A more advanced tutorial set is currently under development ... Read More »

Genesis male preset added thanks to Janine!

Janine was so kind to create and share a preset for a Genesis black male. As usual, also this preset is available in our Presets page: Read More »

Preset for Lynes’ domestic rabbits added!

Pajama was so kind to create such a nice preset for the Lynes’ domestic rabbits model, which is available for free directly at Lynes’ web site: As usual, also the preset is available at Here is the preset direct link: Lynes Domestic Rabbits – fur by Pajama Thank you very much Pajama! Read More »

Intel GPU users: please read

Intel GPU might be very sensitive to OpenGL environment. If you get issues with starting Look at my Hair, please make sure to download latest driver for you Intel GPU card. You may access the Intel driver section here: Read More »

MS Lycan get its presets too…

Midnight Stories is such a talented guy and I love all of his products. At Look at my Hair presets library you will find two presets for his Lycan! Read More »

Big Millennium Cat LE preset added!

Here it comes this new preset for the Big Millennium Cat LE Lioness: Read More »

Human renders: male example

The fact that I’m posting almost exclusively animal renders is just a matter of preferences: of course Look at my Hair is excellent also at styling and rendering human models. Here is the first of a couple of quick renders done recently… Read More »

Grizzly fur preset available!

This render has been made out of the Grizzly preset for the Ursus Arctos model. “Only” 500000 hair, 6 minutes to render. Read More »

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