LAMH Player 1.07.00P

Hello folks, we decided to make LAMH Player beta versions publicly available from now on, while still being released at the DAZ store once finalized.

That way you’ll always be sure to have latest Player in the house, and help us through the testing process. To submit issues or suggestions you may contact us directly at

Latest LAMH Player beta is available at the following links:
LAMH 1.07.00P OSX
LAMH 1.07.00P Windows32
LAMH 1.07.00P Windows64

Once downloaded the version that matches your system, unzip it in your /Program Files/DAZ 3D/DAZStudio4/plugins/ (Windows users) or /Applications/DAZ 3D/DAZStudio4 64-bit/plugins/ (Mac users).
Please check that you don’t have multiple LAMH library files: there has to be only 1 .dll (.dylib for Mac users).

Summary of changes for this release:
– Now recognizes multiple duplicate models and will apply .duf presets to the newly loaded model.
– Enhanced GeoGrafting Support
– Extended stability with latest models
– Fixed Save to .duf
– Enhanced support for Legacy Intel GPU’s
– Enhanced support for OSX Snow Leopard installs

For feedback and support requests please contact us at:, including:
– the DAZ Studio log file (menu Help->TroubleShooting->View Log File)
– the LAMH log file, found in your /Documents/DAZ 3D/Studio/lookatmyhairAM/logFile.txt


© Alessandro Mastronardi