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Michael 5: beard test

Look at my Hair can obviously create any kind of fur and hair on any kind of figure; so making a beard is not a problem. In this example, I did almost no styling at all: I just set the follicles, grew the guide hair and full hair. Exported to Studio as RenderMan curves and render! Read More »

Victoria 5 and cubic curves!

New human experiment with Victoria 5. I was finally able to use cubic curves instead of linear curves: this means that even if preview hair have sharp corners, 3Delight will “gently” interpolate and smooth those (technically speaking, it will calculate a Catmull-Rom spline using the same set of points), producing a better output. Read More »

German shepherd: furred!

Fur applied to the German shepherd (from Lorez Dog product). Images compare a render of the model with and without fur. Below also the plugin screenshots showing follicle, guide and full hair setup.    Read More »


A comparison between the standard Lycanthropos figure, and some fur applied on it. Read More »

Genesis: wild hair !

I felt like giving Genesis some wild hair, so I started defining the follicle area (piece of cake, no more than 3 minutes of work), grew guide hair, applied some spherize effect in order to drape those a little bit on the head mesh, and shaped those with the usual tools (comb, scissors, scale). One of the neat options in ... Read More »

Some action: Gorilla making video

A brief video showing how the workflow involved in covering the Genesis Gorilla with fur. I suggest you watch it full screen and HD1080. Read More »

Also the penguin gets his fur!

Another quick example of how simple and quick is to cover a figure with fur. After defining the follicles, it took just one mouse click to cover the body with fur, and 5 minutes to style the hair. Here below the images showing the standard penguin figure and the furred version. Click to view it full size.   Read More »

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