Monthly Archives: August 2013

LAMH + Terragen: perfect match!

Here is a Terragen render featuring LAMH furred critters, with fur exported as textured .OBJ’s. The two adult mammoths, the baby mammoth and the the wolly rhino furs have been created in Look at my Hair and exported as textured .OBJ’s (the ‘adaptive’ feature used in current LAMH beta it’s really great as it allows to squeeze geometry really well, …

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Announcement For Look At My Hair Customers: acount registrations open!

Ok folks, so if you like you can start registering to the beta bug tracker site here: To register, you will first be asked the enter a valid email. After that, you’ll receive a confirmation email that will ask to complete the registration (you’ll need to enter also the Installation Code for LAMH, found in your DAZ Account – …

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