Customers and friends following my work know that I like to try new challenges and experiment all the fields of computer graphics.
One of my preferred tasks is creating animals: I’ve spent quite some time and efforts modeling animal figures and rigging those for Poser and DAZ.
And some of those, the furred ones, are really challenging and difficult to accomplish.

I’ve always dreamt to be able to produce a tool that would allow me to set the body areas to be covered with fur, grow the hair and let me comb those, cut and scale like I was a barber.
And have those hair directly bound to the main application, thus sparing me from the hassle to manually rig and adjust the fur geometry, tuning poses, morphs and lose countless hours during the process.

I’ve spent some weeks thinking if I’d be able to create such application, and then I decided to give it a try.

Now, after almost 12 months of development, I can proudly say I’ve accomplished what I dreamt for so long. As you will see in the images, videos and information available in this blog, Look at my Hair is a wonderful tool which will allow each Studio4.5 user to create hair and fur for all the figures and objects he/she desires.
The workflow is so simple and immediate that you will feel entertained and blown away by it: the simplicity and power of the available tools, functions and algorithms used in Look at my Hair will open a new world for your creations.

Enough talks: visit the posts and pages on this blog, and have a look at the amazing features of Look at my Hair: believe me, you won’t be disappointed!

© Alessandro Mastronardi