Main Features


  • Grow and style hair on any model and object imported in DAZ Studio
  • Multiple shave groups support
  • Load, save and share presets with other users
  • Multiple undos
  • Multithreading support for intensive calculations
  • Easy and straightforward GUI
  • Zoom, pan and rotate helpers


  • Simply define follicle areas by clicking directly on the mesh
  • Marquee tool to define larger follicle areas
  • Helper window to define follicles by surface
  • Split a follicle selection into a new one shave group
  • Copy a follicle selection into a new one shave group
  • Automatic hair position updating during posing and shaping
  • Integrated DAZ Studio node interface
  • Background computation processing for most intensive processes
  • Tooltip help


  • Interactive guide hair styling
  • On Screen Display for immediate brush style, intensity and mode setting
  • Several tools available: comb, scissors, scale and clumping
  • Comb tool with guide spline constraint solver
  • Marquee tool for multiple guide hair selection
  • Advanced guide selection to isolate groups to allow easier styling
  • Several deformers available: spherize, curl, length, tilt roots, swirl and taper. These deformers allow to easily define a shape without even combing
  • Possibility to enable or disable occlusion editing for guide hair
  • Stereo mode feature to allow symmetric styling
  • Optional automatic full hair population preview, with density control
  • Sliders available to apply random roots effects, randomize hair length and global clumping effects for full hair population
  • Frizz roots and Frizz tips effects available for full hair population will enable the user to create astonishing variations
  • Frizz optional texture map multiplier
  • Assign a different preview colour to each shave group

Material settings:

  • Hair root and tip width control
  • Hair width variation control
  • Hair root and tip colour control with texture map control
  • Human colour library control
  • Possibility to assign a custom texture map to a specific surface
  • Possibility to assign a custom density map to a specific surface

3D painting:

  • Interactive density map 3D painting for all model surfaces
  • Save density maps integrated in your Look at my Hair preset
  • Possibility to use custom made brushes for painting and erasing
  • Texture fill and erase features


  • Hair density population control
  • Automatic hair position during 3Delight rendering
  • Automatic hair effects applied during 3Delight rendering
  • Export RenderMan curves to Studio with modern and optimized shaders for realistic renders on 3Delight engine
  • Hair shader settings editable in Studio Shader Mixer
  • Possibility to add a custom shader to RenderMan nodes directly from Studio
  • Export to .OBJ with control for mesh complexity
  • Automatic texture map generation for exported .OBJ geometry
  • Export as instanced geometry allows Studio users to replace hair with custom geometry
  • Density maps, deformers and effects accounted also on .OBJ and instanced geometry exports
© Alessandro Mastronardi