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Shaggy Goat by Daniel Eskridge!

Here is a beautiful composition made by Daniel Eskridge using LAMH. Thank you very much for sharing it Daniel! :) Be sure to visit Daniel’s web site: he’s a large collections of awesome works there: Read More »


Another awesome creation from Luca named “Peekaboo!!!” “South american cretaceous jokes. Raul austroraptor feathered with LAMH and a new colour scheme by me. Cronopius furred but not so visible here. Happy about the work on the dirty ground finally.” Be sure to visit Luca’s renders gallery, lot of awesome images there: Read More »

Luca Massini’s LAMH image again “Picture of the day” at eon!

I’m glad to see that another awesome composition done by Luca Massini using LAMH to fur models has made it as the “Picture of the day” at eon. Congratulations Luca! Here is the link to the Vue showcase: Read More »

Luca did it again!

Another magnificent composition by pale-artist Luca Massini, featuring “Another furred Raul dino, Masiakasaurus, fishing like a heron with a giant snake Madtsoia looking for a good brunch. No postwork here, only a little levels.” Be sure to visit Luca’s gallery at: Read More »

New Alia’s presets for Look At My Hair!

Alia was so kind to make available one preset for Genesis, one for Hitomi/Satsuki (split at 50%) and one for Victoria 4. As usual they are available at our presets repository: Thanks a lot Alia! Read More »

Luca’s render it’s the Picture of the Day at Vue’s web site!

Paleo-artist Luca Massini (lmx3d) render “Start the chase!”, featuring Dinoraul deinonychus feathered with LAMH plugin in Daz Studio and exported as obj’s in Vue, was awarded as Picture of the Day at Vue’s web site. Congratulations Luca, well deserved! Read More »


Paleo-artist Jim was kind to post its latest work on the Porcupinosaurus. As he wrote, “This was inspired by the discovery of Pegomastax, a small dinosaur covered with quills. Used the DAZ Look At My Hair plugin to create the quills. The plugin works great and FINALLY allows for realistic hair to be imported and rendered in Vue.” Be sure ... Read More »

“Lioness in the grass” by Elle

Elle was so kind to give us the permission to show her beautiful “Lioness in the grass” render, furred in Look at my Hair, exported and rendered in Lux/Reality (click here to see the full size image at DeviantArt). What to say… amazing result Elle! Elle is an artist producing excellent pictures, be sure to take a look at her ... Read More »

Custom shaped hair style

Here is a quick way to grow hair based on a custom shape… Enter 3D Paint mode, null the density (first button on the left), load a custom brush (in this case a spider .png file). Done. Read More »

LAMH new shader for scattering from human hair fibers!

Finally I was able to introduce a new shader that will account for light scattering from human hair fibers. This shader, which is almost complete and integrated for upcoming 1.1 update, will compute transmission and reflection for each hair fiber allowing to produce visually distinguishable highlights. The renders included in this post are done with mid quality settings and not ... Read More »

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