First grass experiments

Look at my Hair can be used to model and produce even grass and similar.

Here is a quick test I did, two renders with a little bit of glow added in Photoshop.

It could look better, because right now, as I wrote some time ago, curves are rendered so that they are always facing the camera. This is particularly good when you do hair, because even being flat ribbons, that way you will always have the illusion that they have a “tubular” section, like they are in real world.
However this is not the best approach for grass and grass-like primitives, which actually are flat ribbons and they should not face always the camera.
I’ll decouple that parameter and make it optional, so that users will be given the choice wether to have curves facing or not facing the camera.

Also, there is no possibility yet to add a random variation to root and tip widths; with that, strands would look less uniform and more realistic, especially with grass.

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