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LAMH Player 1.07.00P Beta available

Hello folks, you may find latest LAMH Player 1.07.00P Beta at the following link: Please make sure to read details and instructions. Thanks

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Real Fur for DAZ Big Cat 2

Tired of your felines looking flat? Is transmapped fur slowing your renders, and still leaving you with unrealistic results? Do you want real fur? Then look no further! Add real fur to the DAZ Big Cat 2 family through this Look at my Hair dedicated set. There are dedicated presets for the following: Lion with mane Lioness Tiger Leopard Jaguar …

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Black Panthers for DAZ Big Cat 2

This set adds the majestic Black Panther to the DAZ Big Cat 2 family. There are two separate presets, one providing a full black fur with shiny velvet spots, and the other showing the underlying rosettes typical of the jaguar. Look at my Hair .DUF presets are also provided and add an incredible level of detail and quality to the …

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LAMH Free Player beta versions get public

Hello folks, we decided to make LAMH Player beta versions publicly available from now on, while still being released at the DAZ store once finalized. If you are interested you can find out more here:

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