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Arctic fox: furred!

I cheated on this because I used a red fox model (arctic foxes look a little bit different, more compact and less skinny, slightly different head shape. The process of creating fur was straightforward and, believe it or not, I didn’t need to comb hair at all. The whole fur has been accomplished using the taper, spherize and length deformers, ... Read More »

Density maps: quick overview

“Quick and dirty” example showing how you can assign a density map to a surface, and how that will affect hair population. As explained in the movie, hair density will be calculated gathering grey scale values, where white pixels is full density, black pixels account for no hair, and grey values will be used to calculate interpolated densities. Read More »

Deformers and selection controls

In this movie I’m giving a quick overview of the available deformers and how those can be combined to quickly shape hair. I’m also showing how to use selection controls to mask some areas so that deformers and styling will only apply to those. Notice how some of the deformers can be applied to one or more axis simultaneously (see ... Read More »

New feature: the Scene Explorer

I worked very hard during last two weeks and so now it’s time to start showing some of the new features. The first one is the Scene Explorer, which allows to easily add a figure or a prop available in the Studio scene directly to the Look at my Hair framework. With figures, it’s even possible to choose specific nodes ... Read More »

Beta call

Development progressed quickly over the last weeks and we’re approaching the beta phase. I’d like to make a call for beta testers willing to join the Beta Program, asking your application through the form available at: Please note that: 1) completing a beta application does not guarantee you will be accepted into the Look at my Hair Beta Program 2) ... Read More »

African woman hair

Continuing experiments with crispy hair: here is an African female test render, and two versions with some HDR filters applied. Click to see full size. Read More »

Afro look on the way…

In this example, I didn’t even have to comb hair: I used the spherize and the curl deformers to get a very basic shape, and scaled hairs on front a little bit. Yet not a real afro hair with extremely crispy hairs, but that will come in time… Read More »

Meerkat: larger render

Hi think this looks better, it’s a render with higher quality. I added the background manually in postwork. Click it to see full size. Read More »

Meerkat: furred!

Another figure nicely furred! A meerkat, little cute African animal.   Read More »

Symmetric editing

Since somebody asked if it is possible to edit hair symmetrically, here comes a video that demonstrates it. Read More »

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