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FREE LAMH Player open beta just started!

Hello guys and gals, the LAMH Player Open Beta has finally arrived! The player is available at the following links: As from previous information, the FREE LAMH Player, featuring a useful and simple pane, allows to load any pre-made Look at my Hair preset or .duf scene, modify colour and shader properties, hair count, pose/shape transform ... Read More »

Pajama preset for Lyne’s Fox here! Awesome!

Pajama was so kind to make and share this awesome preset for the beautiful Lyne’s Fox model (Lyne’s site is: Here is the link to Pajama’s preset: Read More »

JulieRuby Hair preset from Alia!

Well, I was to quick to post the render and here Alia comes again with a new render and the preset itself to share! Thanks a lot, users will love it! Preset available here: Read More »

Octane Render by dievans!

Here comes a fantastic composition done by dievans, exported as OBJ and rendered on Octane Render! Congratulations, cool image! Read More »

“Tigers in the winter” by Kees!

Kees was so kind to share these awesome “tigers in winter” renders, done with Look at my Hair and rendered with Reality/Lux. Kees you are really a talented artist, great job! Read More »

New anime preset from Alia available!

Alia is the wizard of Anime characters, and here it comes her new preset, which se kindly made available to us! As Alia instructed: “Here’s the preset! Hair tail is in a default “down” straight position. It is easily pulled and dragged and made longer or shorter to style it for motion. I may make preset poses for player users ... Read More »

Pascal Marié joined the LAMH club!

Pascal has always been one of my favourite Vue artists. He has an impressive collection or renders and compositions that I truly admire, take a look yourself: Today he sent me his first render with Look at my Hair, and what a render… four furred dinosaurs fighting on a dramatic landscape! Thank you so much for sharing this awesome ... Read More »

Countdown to LAMH FREE Player…

Look at my Hair player is almost ready for release and guess what… it’s FREE! Through a useful and simple pane you will be able to load any pre-made Look at my Hair preset or .duf scene, modify colour and shader properties, hair count, pose/shape/transform and render! Player will allow even to export to OBJ as well (Lux/Reality, Vue, OctaneRender ... Read More »

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