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FREE LAMH Player open beta just started!

Hello guys and gals, the LAMH Player Open Beta has finally arrived! The player is available at the following links: As from previous information, the FREE LAMH Player, featuring a useful and simple pane, allows to load any pre-made Look at my Hair preset or .duf scene, modify colour and shader properties, hair count, pose/shape transform ... Read More »

Pajama preset for Lyne’s Fox here! Awesome!

Pajama was so kind to make and share this awesome preset for the beautiful Lyne’s Fox model (Lyne’s site is: Here is the link to Pajama’s preset: Read More »

JulieRuby Hair preset from Alia!

Well, I was to quick to post the render and here Alia comes again with a new render and the preset itself to share! Thanks a lot, users will love it! Preset available here: Read More »

Octane Render by dievans!

Here comes a fantastic composition done by dievans, exported as OBJ and rendered on Octane Render! Congratulations, cool image! Read More »

Another beautiful hair style from Alia!

Alia is being very productive these days and here is a beautiful hair style she just produced. We can’t wait to see it rendered with the new Human Hair Shader! Read More »

Human Hair Shader coming soon…

Soon to come in the FREE LAMH Player and LAMH 1.1 update… the Human Hair Shader will bring more realistic lighting on your human models! Read More »

“Tigers in the winter” by Kees!

Kees was so kind to share these awesome “tigers in winter” renders, done with Look at my Hair and rendered with Reality/Lux. Kees you are really a talented artist, great job! Read More »

New anime preset from Alia available!

Alia is the wizard of Anime characters, and here it comes her new preset, which se kindly made available to us! As Alia instructed: “Here’s the preset! Hair tail is in a default “down” straight position. It is easily pulled and dragged and made longer or shorter to style it for motion. I may make preset poses for player users ... Read More »

Pascal Marié joined the LAMH club!

Pascal has always been one of my favourite Vue artists. He has an impressive collection or renders and compositions that I truly admire, take a look yourself: Today he sent me his first render with Look at my Hair, and what a render… four furred dinosaurs fighting on a dramatic landscape! Thank you so much for sharing this awesome ... Read More »

Countdown to LAMH FREE Player…

Look at my Hair player is almost ready for release and guess what… it’s FREE! Through a useful and simple pane you will be able to load any pre-made Look at my Hair preset or .duf scene, modify colour and shader properties, hair count, pose/shape/transform and render! Player will allow even to export to OBJ as well (Lux/Reality, Vue, OctaneRender ... Read More »

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