DAZ Squirrel preset from Alia!

We want to thank you Alia for doing this beautiful preset for the DAZ Squirrel!

The preset available here: https://www.furrythings.com/presets_depot/SquirrelFurForYou.zip

As Alia wrote: ”
Very simple LAMH preset for the Daz Squirrel, made in support for the recovering Ikyoto.
This hair requires Daz 4.5 and Look At My hair plugin or the FREE LAMH player! The hair is simple and will work great in the free player. :)
Copy the file to your presets folder (wherever you have it set up, by default mine is in documents/daz 3d/studio/lookatmyhairAM/presets.

After you load the squirrel in the scene, go to the squirrel’s pose folder and apply the “small size” pose to the squirrel- the hair was made for small size and will look bad on the “giant” default size :)  Also go to the surface tab and turn the squirrel “tail” surface to 0% opacity.  This is transmapped fur and unneeded if you use the LAMH fur :) Finally, select squirrel, go to create-attach preset, and browse to the preset folder.  And open this file. :)

Hope you enjoy it! :)”


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