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Two brand new presets by Amy!

Here they come two strikingly beautiful presets that Amy has done and shared with the community. DAZ Genesis Hitomi required…   Read More »

DAZ Meerkat fur preset by MSymon

MSymon made this excellent preset for the DAZ Meerkat and is sharing it with the community. Thank you very much! :) Read More »

DinoRaul’s Velociraptor fur preset by Luca Massini

Here is the fur preset that Luca is using on DinoRaul’s Velociraptor to produce several renders and that he kindly donated to LAMH community! Read More »

Baby Gang by lmx3d

Here it comes a gang of velociraptors attacking a gallimimus and guess what… all furred in Look at my Hair. Render done in Vue. Thanks again Luca! Luca’s gallery image is here: Read More »

Daniel Eskridge “Speeding Cheetah” image and tutorial!

Daniel Eskridge was so kind to produce this awesome Youtube walkthrough movie that shows in detail how he produced the “Speeding Cheetah” image from scratch, using Look at my Hair and Vue! Thank you for sharing this with the community Daniel, it’s really appreciated! Be sure to visit Daniel FaceBook page, he is really a talented and productive artist : ... Read More »

Kees preset for Raw-Art’s Icedragons available!

Our dutch friend Kees was so kind to make and share this awesome preset for Raw-Art’s Icedragons. Direct download here: Thank you very much Kees! :) Read More »

A new Look At My Hair preset from Alia shared with community!

We really want to thank Alia, she’s producing so many beautiful presets! Here is the latest one, Pepper Hair for Genesis V5: Read More »


And here is another gorgeous render from Alia! Here are her words: “Today’s glorious attempt. Okay, I might be exaggerating, but the hair took me all of 15 minutes, rendered gorgeous! Yes, the hardest part of this scene was the water… the hair makes it awesome though” Read More »

LAMH FREE Player Beta 1.0.2 available!

Hello folks, first of all thanks for all the positive feedback and all the help you are providing to the PLAYER beta. Thanks to it, we have been able to solve the File->New issue and the crash occurred when deleting a figure with LAMH nodes attached. LAMH FREE Player 1.0.2 update is available at the following links: ... Read More »

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