Announcement For Look At My Hair Customers: acount registrations open!

Ok folks, so if you like you can start registering to the beta bug tracker site here:

To register, you will first be asked the enter a valid email. After that, you’ll receive a confirmation email that will ask to complete the registration (you’ll need to enter also the Installation Code for LAMH, found in your DAZ Account – my Serial Numbers Page).

Once that is done, you have a valid account and you can start browsing the bug list (which has already some entries), download the PDF notes document, and in a few hours the beta zip file links will be enabled and ready.

Attached the login screen and main screen (after successful login).

The bug-tracker interface is very basic, but should be fairly easy to use. In any case let us know if you need help with it: you can email me at (replace _at_ with @).

You’ll see that there are clickable links to file a ‘New’ bug, ‘Search’ for bugs, a ‘All Bugs’ link that will show all the current issues yet to be addressed.

We look very much forward to your input as it will be critical to make LAMH a better product, so the more to participate, the better!


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