Presets Humanoids

Presets for Look at my Hair of Humanoids.

If you have issues downloading the presets, please try to click the right mouse button on a link and choose ‘Save link as…’


DAZ Victoria 4
Raven Hair16 Jan 2013Alia
DAZ Genesis
Genesis Primate Fur18 June 2013Scott Livingston
Short Side Hair by TheSpisis24 March 2013 TheSpisis
Asobi Tails Hitomi by Alia20 March 2013Alia
Asobi Tails by Alia20 March 2013Alia
Pepper Hair V5 by Alia8 March 2013Alia
Afro short hair by Steve2 March 2013Steve
Giant Hair by Rawart1 March 2013 RawArt
JulieRuby Hair 22 Feb 2013Alia
Kuru Hair 21 Feb 2013Alia
Flat Top Hair by RawArt15 Feb 2013 RawArt
V5 Charlie Hair 16 Jan 2013Alia
Anime Hitomi/Satsuki Hair 16 Jan 2013Alia
Genesis Extra Long Hair5 Jan 2012 Shadaliza
Tina Turnover hair26 Dec 2012 Alexa
Brians’ hair 25 Dec 2012 Brian
Genesis – afro female long hair 18 Dec 2012 Alessandro
Genesis – female crazy hair 18 Dec 2012 Alessandro
Genesis – female parted hair 18 Dec 2012 Alessandro
Genesis – female silk hair with fringe 18 Dec 2012Sasha
Genesis – Clint short smooth hair 18 Dec 2012 trinity71
Genesis – Clint short frizz hair 18 Dec 2012 trinity71
Genesis male – Brian beard 18 Dec 2012Alessandro
Genesis female – Nikita long blonde hair 18 Dec 2012Alessandro
Genesis – Marcellus male hair by Janine 18 Dec 2012Janine
Genesis – simple punk style 18 Dec 2012Alessandro
Genesis – punk style with extra razor short side hair 18 Dec 2012Alessandro
© Alessandro Mastronardi