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DAZ Gorilla: let’s give him some fur!

This is an example of what Look at my Hair is capable of. Covering some parts of the Genesis Gorilla with fur it’s a kids game, as well as shaping it and creating some rebel hair. In this example I exported fur as Renderman curves, which being highly optimized and instances, render very fast and with a fantastic quality. Click ... Read More »

Lorez Cats furred

In these images you see how the standard Lorez Cat figure (first image) has been improved adding dynamic fur. Renderman curves are just awesome, and, if you like, Look at my Hair will even color the curves according to figure textures. Infact, you can see from the images how the textures applied to the cat body are actually extended also ... Read More »


Yet another quick render after some Jaguar by AM figure parts have been covered with short fur. Also in this case, the fur colors are “driven” from the jaguar body texture, thus retaining the proper color relation. Read More »

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