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Snow leopard: furred!

Another test ran on the Snow Leopard original figure I designed about two years ago. I used lowest render settings (easy to tell by the poor quality visible especially on hair tips). As usual you get the standard and furred render to compare the difference.

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Hair integrity during transformations

This short movie shows how hair integrity (i.e. position, density and orientation) is maintained during node transformations, even in delicate spots such as bulges and cavities. In this case, I have a Genesis leg covered with fur (and note that no styling at all was done on those hair, they are just as they come out of the ‘equalized guide …

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Shader Mixer on RenderMan curves: done!

No renders today but an important new anyway. After struggling for quite some time, trying to have the Shader Mixer modifying RenderMan curve surfaces, today I finally succeeded! So from now on it’s possible to use the Shader Mixer to freely load, save, create, edit any kind of shader and use those directly on RenderMan curves.

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Koala quick composition

I made this in a rush: as usual, set the follicles, styled the guide hair, refined a bit the fur and rendered. The tree has been added in Photoshop, and it’s clearly visible that it doesn’t fit well. Anyway, the aim of this was to show how a short fur can indeed make a difference on models…

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American buffalo

Another example of how Look at my Hair can incredibly add to the realism of a figure. In this example, I covered the front part of the body with fur, did some mild combing, and rendered almost 200.000 curves in less than 20 minutes, mid settings.  

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